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A swimming pool in  disrepair can be a real serious burden until now! No question about it, it is cheaper to remove a swimming pool than to repair, resurface and maintain it. The costs associated with pools are only getting more expensive.

Save Money

  • Property Tax Reduction – Pools are considered taxable usable space (depending on area)
  • Reduce Your Home Owners Insurance – Pools are a safety liability
  • Lower Your Monthly Utility Costs – Energy costs are consistently rising
  • Reduce Your Financial Burden – Continually repairing a pool adds up quickly Increase Real Estate Value
  • Gain a larger yard with more usable space and a more marketable space for realtors to sell
  • Houses without pools appeal to a broader market
  • Houses being sold “as-is” with a pool in disrepair will decrease the value of the home more than it will cost to remove it. Surrounding property values may be negatively affected as well.

What are your options when deciding to remove or demolish your swimming pool?

There are only two main optional ways to remove your swimming pool from your property: Partial Demolition and Full Demolition.

Both are highly effective and are based on your direct needs. Each county is a bit different however in Lake County, Clermont Fl., they do allow both options. When it comes to us and our team, we completely demolish the swimming pool structure accordingly & work to pass all local County inspections.

Partial Pool Demolition

In order for any swimming pool to be properly disposed of, it must be completely destroyed and proper holes created in order for water from rain or the nature of weather to drain through the ground. Dumpster trucks of dirt is then brought to the location for the hole to be filled, leveled and graded properly. Each county has their own inspection process and not many contractors or construction companies have the knowledge and experience to get this done the right way.

This is the fastest and less inexpensive option, this is the most used procedure when it comes to Residential homes in Florida.


Full Pool Demolition

We get contacted by Home Builders, Pool Builders, Apartment Complexes, Resorts, Hotels and other commercial properties for this option. Why?  Because with this option the concrete and swimming pool material after being destroyed is completely extracted from the ground. This is because the property owner or business has plans to physically build a new structure in place where the swimming pool was.

This option takes more of an investment because of the labor of hauling tons of concrete and material to it's proper recycling landfill. This process involves using special concrete dumpsters or dump trucks to carry the tons in weight. Clermont city ordinaces only allows a certain weight load on the public streets. So, this procedure is both more labor intensive and time consuming.

If you are planning to build another physical structure in place of the swimming pool; then this is the best method.

Partial Pool Demolition
Partial Pool Demolition
Full demolition
Full demolition
Pool Demolition Clermont
Pool Demolition Clermont
pool removal Clermont
pool removal Clermont
Pool Removal Clermont
Pool Removal Clermont

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